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Harassment Plants

Nazareno Andrade, Dandara Sousa, and I created a situated physicalization as part of a research project where researchers investigated the effect of visualization’s situatedness and physicality on compassion.

Harassment Plants is a situated, physical, and fine-grained — maximum granularity — anthropographic. Each vase represents a different category of harassment and contains glyphs of the same type. The color in the middle of the vase corresponds to the type of harassment, which is also represented by the same color in one of the beads. Each glyph is composed of a rod — which represents the period of the day the harassment occurred — and a pendant with multiple beads — which corresponds to the reaction of the victim, the perceived age of the harasser, etc.

More information

The pre-print of the Harassment Plants in-the-wild study is available on ResearchGate.